About the Blog

I’m Heidi and I’m a foodie with a long time love affair revolving around turning high-quality ingredients into dynamic meals to nourish my family and friends.  I believe we can all learn to cook meals that make going out to eat look boring and here’s your chance to discover that passion too. Together with you, at the Yellow Prairie Coop, I am partnering with Yellow Prairie Farm to enjoy an overflowing box of amazing food farm fresh delivered to one of our hostesses in town.  I am eager to bring my years of experience in the kitchen and love for teaching to you to that together we can dig into our food boxes every week and make the most out of the best Dan and his family have to offer!

Yellow Prairie Coop is exclusively brought to you by a local Texas homeschool family and their farm. These folks are dedicated to providing us with the best quality, non-GMO, locally sourced, seasonal, organic produce and products anywhere.  With a long and successful history of providing vegetables and fruits to the big companies, they are shifting gears and want to skip the superstore and meet us, their neighbors, face to face.  Their goal is to serve us by bringing the food baskets from the field to us within 48 hours!!  Supermarket produce can often be months old before we even get a chance to purchase or use it to feed our families.  The Yellow Prairie Coop is consistently looking to expand what they offer and increase their varieties so if there is something you’ve been craving? Let them know!!

I can’t wait to see what we can come up with!